Hawaii is a bucket list destination for a lot of people. To experience Hawaii is to experience paradise. The culture, the stories, the landscapes, the exotic island features and of course the people make this a must do vacation for anyone.

Recently I spent 10 days on Kauai; Hawaii’s Island of Discovery, and earned my Master Specialist designation. I would love to share with you are bit about this incredible island and show you some fantastic specialty pricing!

Kauai is the island you visit when you want to see paradise. It is lush and pristine and freckled with little towns on big beaches. The explorer in your family will love the ability to surf, mountain tube, sail up or fly over the Na Pali Coast, drive ATVs through the mud with rainbows over head, kayak and hike for miles. The professional beach bum will love the ability to hunker down on a beautiful beach with mountains painting the backdrop.